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PEAK Scale Loupe 7X - No. 1975

Peak Scale Loupe is a typical measurement of simplicity, accuracy and low price.

PEAK Scale Loupe has excellent achromatic lenses (3 elements, 2 groups) and a photo printed precise scale. It also has a focusing ring and its magnification is 7 powers.

As all sorts of aberration of lenses are avoided you can easily read the object.

Accurate measurements can be made by turning the focusing ring so the object and scale can be clearly seen.

PEAK Scale Loupe 7X Set - No. 1976


Has excellent achromatic lenses (3-elements, 2-groups) and a photo-printed precise scale.  It also has a focusing ring and 7 power magnification.
As all sorts of lens aberrations are avoided, one can easily read the object.

The 1976 set combines a 7X Scale Loupe 1975 with five of the most widely used reticles 2, 3, 7, 8 and 10 from among the 12 kinds of standard scales, are packed in a plastic container together with the magnifier.

PEAK Scale Loupe 10X - No. 1983

PEAK Sale Loupe 10X has precision constructed achromatic lenses (coated 4 elements, 2 groups), a photo-printed scale and focusing ring. Its magnification is 10 powers.

The Contradiction between high resolving power and a wide visual field has been completely eliminated from this product so it can provide efficient inspection. 

It comes with a convenient pouch.

13 types of Scales are available for PEAK Scale Loupe 1983
Most Common Requested Reticles:

  • Standard reticle scale: cross hair with metric scale on horizontal plane, zero center reading, scale divisions 0.1mm
  • No. 13 reticle scale: inch scale on horizontal plane, zero left reading, scale divisions 0.005''
  • No. 14 reticle scale: cross hair with inch/metric scale on horizontal plane, zero left reading. Zero center
  • Inch reticle scale: 0.4 in each direction. Div = 0.005, metric: 10 in each direction. Div = 0.1
  • No.8 reticle scale: metric scale on horizontal plane, zero left readin
PEAK Scale Lupe 10X Set - No. 2004


Peak Scale Loupe 10X has precision-constructed achromatic lenses (coated 4 elements, 2 groups), a photo-printed scale and focusing ring.

The contradiction between high resolving power and a wide visual field has been completely eliminated from this product so it can provide efficient inspection.

The Peak 2004 Scale Loupe 10X set combines the 10X Scale Lupe 1983 with five of the widely used reticles from among the 12 kinds of standard scales. The five different kinds of scales, #Standard, #2, #3, #7, #8 & #10 are contained in a plastic box together with a magnifier as a set.

PEA-2055 Loupe 20X


Peak Scale Lupe 20X is a new product, composed of 2 groups, 3 elements, will enlarge entire area with clear distortion-free viewing.

The 2055 Scale Lupe 20X will solve the problem that the magnification 10X is too low but that the magnifying power of 30X is too high to use.

In using the instrument, turn the diopter adjustment ring so that you can observe sharply the magnified image of the scale.

By observing through the loupe with the scale resting on the object to be examined, you are able to measure the object very easily and exactly.

Useful for the inspection of film, printed matters and many other objects.

Standard reticle only available
Scale is crosshair, scale reading only on the horizontal plane, length 8mm, scale divisions 0.1mm

Tolerance for reticles ± 0.01mm for the total measuring range of the reticle (4mm).


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